Halifax Engagement Photography: Nirupa & Mike

This is one of our favourite shoots of all time in the history of the universe, or at least in our photography career.

Why?  Well, lots of reasons.  I’m feeling concise at the moment and I’m noticing in my blogging platform that I can make bullet points.  Let’s try that.

  • Nirupa & Mike chose really cool locations.  Halifax Central Library & Herring Cove (Provincial Park).
  • They dressed in a way we loved.  Mike was amazingly stylish and when we saw that Nirupa was wearing (Sri Lankan) Tamil saree, Rae and I were very, very excited.  The colours!  The flow! The best!
  • They’re both dynamic individuals with a lot of character.  Talking with them is a delight, and their character is present in their faces–the camera picks it up.  They’re also, of course, very attractive people.
  • They were really chilled out.  We don’t like to rush our photography too much and they were cool with just letting the creative process unpack itself with us.
  • They were impossibly comfortable in front of the camera.  This is actually pretty rare.  Rae and I do not have this gift, which is why we are forever behind the camera.
  • The weather was perfect.
  • The four of us gelled really well together on a personal level, which made the session friendly and fun.

Our first encounter with Mike and Nirupa was actually at a previous wedding (Erin & Madeleine’s!!).  They were guests and I distinctly remember trying (and admittedly failing) to catch a photo of them at the reception dancing together because they looked adorably in love and Nirupa’s hair was catching the light perfectly.  Alas, I couldn’t dial in the focus in that moment.  I’m so grateful to have had another opportunity to photograph these two (and Rae and I have already been talking about their PEI wedding this year, which we already have belly butterflies about).

We met up for the first time at the Halifax Central Library, where they spend much of their time studying.  It was actually here that I learned that Mike doesn’t sit down to study.  Recognizing that sitting is actually pretty terrible for your health, he studies on his feet.  I thought this was interesting and now Rae and I edit our photos standing up, and the effect on our energy levels has been both immediate and dramatic (thank-you Mike!).  Our conversation that day ranged from sociology and the politics of privilege, to weddings, to deliberate lifestyle, to medicine, to photography, to beyond.   As rich and abundant as this conversation was, it was matched I think by this photo shoot. We hope you enjoy some of our faves.

Halifax Engagement Photography: Nirupa & Mike

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